Varkari of Dhapewada !!

Varkari singing bhajan in Dhapewada wari, Dhapewada village, Nagpur, India.

Some 38 km near from Nagpur city is The Dhapewada Village. This Village is situated on the banks of the Chandrabhaga river. A noteworthy future of village is Temple of The Vithoba which overlooks the river. Dhapewada is also known as Pandharpur of Vidharbha. Every year the day of Guru Purnima devotees come here for darshan of Lord Vithoba. Devotees known here name of Varkari.  All Devotees come near villages and small town’s.

The Varkari in Dindi yatra for darshan of Lord Vithoba.

Devotee’s come here in Dhindi with dance and singing Bhajan of lord Vitthal. The plant of Tulasi tree is very important in this festival. Lady Varkari keep on head Tulasi tree because devotee believed in Lord Krishana. Warkari basil (Tulasi) sweep believe the nature of God Vitthal. Basil (Tulasi) is very important in this journey.

Boy make Chandan tika on boys face, Dhapewada Village, Maharastra, India.

Varkari put of the hinges on there forehead by sandal. I am seeing many boy’s in his hand bowl of sandalwood. This boy insistence me for tika ( hinges) of sandalwood but i requested him for photo. He said if you make tika ( hinges) on forehead and give some money then i will posed for your photography.

A mother give prasad to child, Dhapewada, maharastra, India.

In day of festival Temple trust organizing Mahaprasad. All Varkari folk help together and cooked food for devotees.  This boy eating Mahaprasad by mother, She help to our child and telling importance of Lord Vithoba and mahaprasad.

Pujaa by woman Varkari on border of well, Dhapewada , Maharastra, India.

Varkari woman’s doing worship by joss stick and coconut. Coconut fruit is very importent element in Hindu worship. Varkari folk believed if don worship day of Gurupaurnima then all will be freedom of sin and they going close to God.

Worship of Lord Vithoba with joss stick and coconut, Dhapewada, Maharastra, India.

Varkari folk doing worship, Dhapewada, Maharastra, India.

devotee singing Bhajan in wari of Dhapewada, maharastra india.

Sadhubaba Singing bhajan in Dhapewada Wari, Maharastra, India.

Varkari with umbrella in Dhapewada Wari, maharastra, India.

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  1. vishal says:

    Warkari yatra, and many other Indian festivals are a photographers delight. I also clicked tham in Pune. loved your photo story. The orange sadhoo is my favorite.!

  2. Radhe Shyam – Your incredible internet site has added delight to my heart. Sing out the praises connected with Lord Krsna.


    नमस्कार माऊली , अप्रतिम फोटोग्राफी !!!!!
    भाव,पार्श्वभूमी आणि रचना यांचा सुंदर संगम !!!!!

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