Pushkar- Peoples & Culture.

People of Pushkar are friendly, warm and sociable. The vibrancy of Pushkar is reflected in the lives of its people. The culture of Pushkar is best seen and experienced during the Pushkar Fair. The small town of Pushkar becomes vibrant and colourful. The people, sadhus, shops, the food, the whole ambience becomes an epitome of Pushkar culture. Camel races and games are organised during the fair. The people of Pushkar dress in colorful clothes adding another dimension to the fair. The men dress in dhoti, kurta and large turbans. Women’s clothes consist of ghagra, choli which is a type of blouse.

Religion forms an important part of the lives of the people of Pushkar. Hinduism is the chief religion practiced by the people. The distinctive customs, traditions and rituals followed by the people of Pushkar make them unique.

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