People from Pachamrhi Journey.

As you know people photography is my favorite subject. My main focus on that mean when i have journey for photography project. i have some people photo’s during my Satpuda hill station journey. Top photo Of Mr. Tulsi Shahu, form Pepariya (Madhyapradesh State). Tulasi is a tea maker. He has worked last 12 years, when i was stop there for chai. he was very happy and ready for shot. This is Natural day light photo. light come from right side of frame from window.

Yadav is a cowboy. His main busyness is selling milk and many milk product. In the way between from Pipariya to Matkuli many cowboy sited beside of road. and selling of KHOWA. Khowa is a milk product which huge use in Indian Sweet ( Mithai). Near matculi Yadav coming my Car and request me buy khowa at price of Rs 10/-. I also request him for photo shoot and he Ready. I remember there face expression when he saw there image in camera LCD.

Babaji : Babaji’s main job is helping to people in worship. people do worship on first step Chauragarh hill. They pry for our life and want  power to climb on hill. This image from first step where babaji doing worship.

Ramsing is a shopkeeper. There shop at top of chauragarh hill. There job is supply breakfast ,food,tea water to people. There job is very hard, he collect all of material from village which sty down to hill. i have upload more image from my trip. If you want see more image from this trip visit photoshelter gallery  PEOPLE FROM PACHMARHI   …..  Enjoy.



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  1. sanjib ganguly says:

    very good work, keep it up.

  2. Hi Vinod,

    Thanks for commenting on my work, I saw your website, you have a nice vision and creative eye, really great photos, specially ‘Real Life’ photos, I also like Real Life photos, good work and keep up the good work, best luck


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