Older Citizen Portrature.

Canon 5D M II 24-70@70mm, F-2.8, S- 1/800s, ISO- 200.

The older citizen portraiture is so interesting subject in Portrait photography. I am also like older citizen portrait. That is very good to capture for there face expression ,mood, wrinkle of skin, light in eye’s, other many think they have for photography. i always shoot of older citizen. for shoot i have communicate with people always. without communication you do not work with people.

Canon 5D M II 24-70@70mm, F-2.8, S- 1/1600s, ISO-320.

for these photographs i using the existing Natural light when it’s available is always the best lighting technique to use. You see all of this photos of old people show unique and genuine emotion.

Canon 5D M II 24-70@55mm, F-2.8, S-1/1600s, ISO- 200.

I think Senior citizens will feel more relaxed when there is no distraction from an artificial photo studio lighting. Digital Photography is a great tool for all of us to build a better understanding of our world.

Canon 5D M II 24-70@70mm, F-2.8, S-1/1000s, ISO- 200.


Canon 5D M II 24-70@70mm, F-4.5, S- 1/80s, ISO-200.


Canon 5D M II 24-70@70mm, F-4.5, S-1/60s, ISO- 200.



18 Responses to “Older Citizen Portrature.”

  1. Awesome photos Vinod. You’ve attained a great expertise in this particular genre of Portraits. I’ve trouble communicating with unknown people for portraits. Any tips for that? How do you approach them? Maybe a post on this would help folks like me. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Hi Gaurav, ๐Ÿ™‚
      Thanks for visit, It’s very difficult to people ready for photography. this is maybe the simplest way to take communication further. People are almost always curious to see themselves in a photo and showing them the picture will often lead to good things. This can help build an even stronger images. I will be try on this particular topic.

  2. Neelaesh Nianwe says:

    Wah Guru Kya Bat Hai ? Kuchh Hame bhi to batao

    • Hi Sir,
      Thanks for visit.
      Aur aap ye kya bat kar rahe hai sir, Aap to Mahagguru hai. ham to aapse sikhana chahate hai.
      I am very happy that you visited my blog. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Jenny Rainbow says:

    Absolutely gorgeous & strong portraits, Vinod, you are capturing greatly all the impressions of those faces! Keep it up with your project, good luck to you!

  4. Apratim Saha says:

    Excellent portraits !

  5. Rahul says:

    These photos are really really amazing. Superb !!

  6. ANKUR THATAI says:

    Keep it up Vinod, like your Portrait series.

  7. Ramesh Meena says:

    Vinod ji ! Excellent portraits ! Every photo tells a own true story.I liked it very…much.

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