Life of Rabari.. Some shot’s.

The word “Rabari” basically means the “outsiders”. This is because of the traditional trade they used to do in times past. The Rabari’s main business used to be raising cattle, camels and goats; for some traditional-minded families this is still the case. However, the new generation is slowly moving away from this way of life.

These animals needed lots of space for grazing and pasturing. Due to this reason, the Rabari couldn’t live in town houses and have room for their animals also. They started living on the outskirts of towns and beyond for this reason. This community was given a name by the general populace -“Dhani”. Dhani means the Basti-community,because they were outside the main community, so the name became Rabari for these wandering and herding people.


Rabaris are often devout Hindus. Keeping animals is considered a pious occupation and Rabaris see themselves primarily as custodians of grazing animals during their mortal existence, rather than their owners. It is also their belief that the Mother Goddess presides over them. Her advice is taken about when to start out migration, and animals are commended to her care. Rabari clans are callednakhs, and are further sub-divided into shakhs


Rabaris are mainly dependent on the milk profession. Other communities like them are identified by different names in different regions of the country like Maldhari, Dhanger, Gowda etc. The only commonality is the profession of cattle raising. They have lived in different parts of India for a millennia.


There are a number of areas where Rabari community live, and the majority of Rabari’s live all over the states of India’s Gujarat, Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Madhyapradesh and now they are getting involved and played important roles in the development of India, by developing themselves in education, milk business etc.








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