First shot of my New Conon 5D Mark II with 24-70mm2.8L lens.

Canon 5D MII 24-70@70mm, F-3.2, S-1/250, ISO-640. This is my first shot with new gear.

My New gear.

Before i had used Nikon D90 gear. My all friends have Nikon gear. but i want change something new in cam body. I was wish full frame body for photography & want to bought Nikon D 700. but reading many Reviwe about Canon i change my mind and decided to buy Canon 5D Mark II. So when i got my New Canon 5D Mark II Body and 24-70mm 2.8L lens i was shoot some test shot. This is my first shot with my new gear. This first image is my sweet son “Sandesh”. When i check my first shot i was wonder that result..
here are many shot from this gear. I wish you like the image’s.


Canon 5D MII 24-70@70mm, F-6.3, S-1/80s, ISO-1000.

Canon 5D MII 24-70@70mm, F-13.0, S-1/60s, ISO-2000

Canon 5D MII 24-70@24mm, F-8.0, S-1/20s, ISO-800

Canon 5D MII 24-70@58mm, F-9.0, S-1/50s, ISO-800

Canon 5D MII 24-70@70mm, F-8.0, S-1/80s, ISO-800

Canon 5D MII-24-70mm@70mm, F-6.3, S-1/60s, ISO-400 in Available Light.

I wish another some images post with new Blog post which shoot with my New Gear.

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