Enthusiasm of Varkari Folk..!!

Bhajan Kirtan ( Psalm ) by devotee of god Vitthal, Dhapewada, Maharastra, India.

In previous post i was posted about Varkari (Devotee) of Dhapewada village. and this post i am posting more images that story. If you don’t know about Varkari so The Varkari movement includes the worship of Krishna in the form of Vithoba and a duty-based approach towards life emphasising, moral behavior and strict avoidance of alcohol and tobacco, strict vegetarian diet and fasting on Ekadashi day (twice a month), self-restraint (brahmacharya) during student life, equality and humanity for all rejecting discrimination based on caste or wealth, the reading of holy books by all castes, the reading of the Haripath every day and regular bhajan and kirtan.

Fugadi… the traditional indian villager game, Dhapewada, India.

The Varkari tradition affected the life of the common people of Maharashtra for six hundred years (from 13th century to 18th century). Varkaris looked upon God as the Ultimate Truth and ascertained grades of values in social life but accepted ultimate equality among men. Varkaris prostrated in front of each other because “everybody is Brahma” and stressed individual sacrifice, forgiveness, simplicity, overcoming passions, peaceful co-existence, compassion, non-violence, love and humility in social life.

Local story played by Varkari people, Dhapewada, India.

The Varkari poets put God-realisation (haripath) in simple terms in small booklets of verse. Each saint, in his own rustic but sweet style, has extolled japa, chanting the Lord’s name. Sant Dnyaneshwar, Tukaram and other Marathi Bhakti saints of the Varkari sect tried to mould the attitude of the common people, which included low castes and women, to have a kind of detachment and the courage of one’s convictions in the face of evil forces.

playing in costume in wari of Dhapewada, India.

Varkari wear tulasi-mala (string of beads made from basil) and eat pure vegetarian (satvik) food and do not smoke or consume alcohol.

Songs (bhajan & kirtan ) by Devotee of Vithoba, Dhapewada.

Dance and fun with Dholak ( Indian Instrument ) by Varkari people, Dhapewada, India.

Dindi yatra by Varakri people, Dhapewada, India.

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