Available light Photography How Make Simple.

This is exmpale of available light photography, Shot by Canon 5D mark II and 24-70mm 2.8L lans. I use tharmacol shit as light reflector.

Available light Photography…

In photography available light or ambient light refers to any source of light. that is not explicitly supplied by the photographer for the purpose of taking photos. The term usually refers to sources of light that are already available naturally e.g. the sun, moon, lightning or artificial light already being used e.g. to light a room.[1] It generally excludes flashes, although arguably flash lighting provided by other photographers shooting simultaneously in the same space could be considered available light.

This is another exmple of available light photography. Canon 5D mark II and 24-70mm L lens at 24.0mm F- 3.5, S- 1/2000s, ISO- 320.

Available Light Photography…

The use of available light may pose a challenge for a photographer. The brightness and direction of the light is often not adjustable, except perhaps for indoor lighting. This will limit the selection of shutter speeds, and may require the use of shades or reflectors to manipulate the light. It can also influence the time, location, and even orientation of the photo shoot to obtain the desired lighting conditions. Available light can often also produce a color cast with color photography.

Canon 5D mark II and 24-70mmL lens at 51.0mm, F- 5.0, S- 1/500s, ISO- 200.

Available Light Photography…

Why I like available light photography especially in portraiture is because it allows me to add drama to my images and with the post-processing that I do the end results can be very dramatic and even 3D-like.

Canon 5D mark II and 24-70mm lens at 67.0mm, F- 4.5, S- 1/60s, ISO- 160.

So what type of lighting is the best for this form of photography? Early morning and late evening lighting are generally the best. However these times are not always possible as they are quite transient and we have to deal with the weather which sometimes spoils any elaborate plans. One can still do a good session in broad daylight with the help of shades, reflectors and diffusers. so this is the available light photography.

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