Anand sagar garden of Shri Gajanan Maharaj Sansthan, Shegaon, Beautiful Lake & Places.

Big entry gate of Anandsagr garden, Shegaon, India.

In previous post i was presented some images about Anand Sagar garden at Shegaon and this time i want to present some new images.You will always be adhered new experience will enjoy the Sea Garden.Garden photography was a fun experience. Its beauty is so nice in the evening. I have tried to remain in the beauty in my photos.

Colorful sky and reflection in evening at Anand sagar, Shegaon, India.

beautiful reflection at Anandsagar lake, Shegaon, India.

Prarthana Bhavan, Anandsagar garden, Shegaon, India.

Bridgeway to garden over lake, Anand sagar, Shegaon, India.

Beautiful drama in sky, Anand sagar, Shegaon, India.

Reflection of sky in lake water, Anandsagar, Shegaon, India.

People seeing beautiful lake, Anandsagar, Shegaon, India.

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  1. Dr.Deepak T. says:

    Very nice photos . I also planing to visit Anandsagar in next week or 2 .
    I will comment better after visit it ..

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