A Day with Old Man.

Canon 5D Mark II 24-70 @62mm, F-2.8, S-1/30s, ISO-800.

Last week i was in Ambhora. Ambhora is Shrine near Nagpur city, There is the temple of Lord Shiva. The pilgrims come to visit the temple of Lord Shiva. I also went to see. And wanted to do some photography. In the corner of the temple appeared old to me. He was eating something. And were frequently seen around. His face was visible a strange fear. I focus their whole activity. I want to catch their some face expression. My camera ready for some nice shot. Some time you never know When you are faced with the reality of life. For me it was one such opportunity.

3 Responses to “A Day with Old Man.”

  1. Ganesh says:

    You are a wonderful photographer sir. I’m proud that you belong to the same city as mine, Nagpur.

    A while ago Kailash, a friend of mine, had been to Ambhora. He had taken some good photographs (all landscapes) from there, but your portrates are really excellent and I like them all.

    • Thanks, I am so glad you are from Nagpur. Because my love with people & Portrait I’d try to give my best. 🙂
      Ambhora is beautiful palace with beautiful river ( Sangam )

  2. anil says:

    sir, i see u r wonderful photographer.
    i have a question , what is phtography in ur way…
    and what i do for click wonderful picture bcoz is my hobby…
    hope u reply.

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